MicroSoft - the Rabid Dog

MicroSoft is like a rabid wolf who wonders up to your door. If you don't know that wolves aren't friendly, or if you don't recognize it as a wolf, you might think of it as a big, friendly dog. Fun to have around. Keep you safe.

So you bring it in, and cozy up to it. You ignore a few strange things that happen, figuring this can't be a wild dog, so it's just got some odd habits. You ignore these clues that something's wrong.

But you figure it out when you wake up trying to scream as it tears your throat out in the middle of the night.

A bit too late.

It's possible that this similarity hit me (sic) as a result of seeing Bill gates with creme all over his face after the flanning in Belgium, since I thought of this the very next day. But I'm dead serious about the analogy above.

Never the less, I tip my hat to the flanners.

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