Kkklinton's Amerikkka


The Halloween Presidency

I recall hearing, sometime during the first few months after Clinton's election, a spokesperson for NARAL on the radio. She said, "We are the only group President Clinton made promises to that he hasn't already broken. We've got to make him live up to his promises."

Personally, I'm just as happy some of those promises were broken. I'm not happy that he broke promises - I just thought they were the wrong things to promise in the first place. But the bigger, more immediate issue, is that we have a president whom we know has no integrity, no backbone, and no convictions strong enough to stand the test of time or pressure.

This doesn't make him more evil, or worse, per se, than other presidents. It does, in my opinion, make him extremely dangerous. How did you feel when you heard Nancy's astrologer had been running things?

I mean after you got through ROTFL, or whatever. I mean when it sunk in that this wasn't just a case of someone who may have been getting senile, who you weren't sure knew everything that was going on, in charge of the country - but someone deciding that where Orion's head was in relation to Uranus should impact ``meetings of great import, so delay decisions'', which Nancy then helped Ronnie realize meant not to talk to Yeltsin until next week, or not send relief to famine victims, or argue with Congress over the budget next year instead of this one, or whatever.

That's how you should feel about the current state of affairs. Only with even less confidence.

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