NeXtStEp vs wInDoZe

Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 13:14:40 -0600 (CST)

Somone on a mailing list at work asked:

|Are you seriously suggesting that NEXTSTEP
|is _worse_ than Windoze (which _has_ taken over)?
They both stink.

But my experience (undoubtedly yours varies) is that the average twit can sit down in front of Windows, and figure out how to do a few things. They can't do much else, so they go buy a book and become a "power user", and wish even more fervently than usual that they were on a nice, Hawaiian beach, and that computers would go take care of themselves, and leave humans alone, all the while acting smug in front of people who can hardly spell "1-2-3".

The average twit can sit down in front of NS, & is very quickly in a rage so hot that if smrtz doesn't spontaneously combust, smrtz runs screaming through the building to the balcony, where they hurl the NS box to a satisfying death.


The average computer geek wished they both would return to the hell that spawned them, and wonders if maybe the days of VMS and JCL are really as bad as they've heard.

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