Title:World Wide Web Journal
Publisher:O'Reilly & Associates and the World Wide Web Consortium
Price:US $29.95/book, $99.95 yearly sub.
Can./Mex. $119.95 yearly sub.
Int'l. $149.95 yearly sub.
Audience:anyone wishing to stay current technically WRT the Web

A lot of paper is wasted on Internet and Web books these days. Even the good ones are often obsolete within a few months of being printed.

And yet, the best way to keep up to date with the purely technical standards of the Web, and the big picture, may well be ORA's _World Wide Web Journal_.

Each issue includes editorial, interviews, reports on works in progress, a time line of "recent, noteworthy W3C events", W3C reports and technical papers (every 4th issue consists mainly of papers from that year's International World Wide Web Conference). ORA cut its technical journal teeth on _The X Resource_, and they hit the ground running with this one. The result is a well-produced, up to date, easy to read quarterly summary of happenings around the W3C.

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