Title:UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4
Author:David A. Curry
Publisher:O'Reilly & Associates
Price:US $34.95, Can. $49.95 (soft-bound)
Audience:anyone writing, porting or maintaining programs on SVR4

This book covers the gamut of systems programming (programming at the system call and library level) for System V Release 4. It includes compiler notes for several common systems (ignoring AIX for some reason). If your programming involves dealing with SVR4, this book probably covers it.

One notable flaw is the minimal coverage of shmem and shmop. While I agree with the author that these have some real flaws and should usually be avoided, some people have to work with them, so they should be explained. Examples for these would help immensely; I remember early struggles with the man pages for these routines (the man pages have as much on shmem and shmop as this book), and it wasn't a pretty picture.

Apart from that, I wish this book had been available 6 or 7 years ago.

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