1995 X Technical Conference Review

Killer Apps Videos

Doug Blewett of At&T Bell Laboratories organized a Killer Apps video session for Tuesday night. About 2 hours worth of vidoes of varying quality were shown. Most were very well done, and several were very entertaining. Doug's comments greatly added to the festivities.

A few videos stood out as exemplary:

Teleporting - Making Applications Mobile (Tristan Richardson, Olivetti Research Laboratory): this home grown effort showed off the Teleport system quite well, and had several entertaining moments.

Indigo Magic (Betsy Zeller, Eva Manolis, Carol Curry, Mark Daly, Silicon Graphics): a nice introduction to an excellent graphical user interface (if a bit on the marketing side).

DOOM: The Killer Video Game (David Taylor, ID Software): a somewhat Mel Brooks-like intro (call it "DOOM: the search for the Killer Video Game") led into some fast DOOM action resulting in expert players making fools of themselves for the camera. Good, clean (well, messy, actually) fun.

The Network is the Forum (Ellen A. Isaacs, Trevor Morris, Thomas K. Rodriquez, Alan T. Ruberg, John C. Tang, SunSoft): a delightful overview of a network-based, presentation tool, this one included lots of outrageous, fuzzy, stuffed animals and puns.

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