Notes on P.C. Man

The Politically Correct Man series began before Bill Clinton was actually elected President of the USA. The series was spawned as a direct result of rooming with my twin brother Jon Doe, who was at that time a major Ditto Head. Various late night/early morning bull sessions with occasional ODs of Rush Limbaugh eventually triggered an EMP somewhere in my cranium. A few frantic writing sessions over the next few weeks (during which time Bill was actually elected) resulted in the first four stories, which were conceived as a radio series, sort of long the lines of my beloved "Tooth Fairy" and "Chicken Man" series.

The second story, "The Great Rock Music Massacree", was actually the first written, and hence the origin of the series. As I wrote the Introduction that demanded to precede the actual writing of the story, the origins of P.C. Man ("Origins of the Species") himself were born, along with some speculation as to why he so often seemed to be under Hillary's thumb.

The third story, "The Mexico-Mars Scandal" followed pretty quickly as a result of Bill's waffling on various issues, and his waving of the tired old coat-hanger of the pro-abortion lobby. This may or may not have been after the actual election. This one was (at least mostly) written at an Italian restaurant here in Austin. Our waitress, the owner's daughter and a major-less UT student) was enthralled to meet an actual (if unpublished outside the technical realm) author, and insisted on my reading one of the stories to her. Probably because of our long hair and lack of suits, and general belief by college students that anyone interesting shares their beliefs, she was - well, a bit staggered. She ended up being quite friendly, but she never seemed quite sure what to make of us - which, coincidentally, was how we felt about Clinton. The senators were inspired by an hysterical video tape somebody sent to Rush Limbaugh.

The fourth (and final to date) story, ("A Day in the Life"), was definitely written after he took office. I don't think any particular events precipitated this; it just sort of naturally resulted from the media coverage of the First Couple.

Last updated: 26 May 2001

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