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There's nothing to show who's responsible for the Boxed Set. A shame, because whoever desrves this has my undying thanks, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. Maybe Mike put it all together? I know he's been working for several years to buy back the rights to these albums from whoever got them when Exit went belly up...

I've tried to reproduce these faithfully, including the punctuation & capitalization (and, where necessary, lack thereof).

The following lines appear on all 3 album covers:

digitally remastered at open door / whites creek, tn by don jarvis
box set art unidea design / nashville

p & c VIA Records, Inc. 209 10th ave s. suite 344 nashville tn 37203 ph.615.742.6342.

  1. Ping Pong Over the Abyss
  2. All Fall Down
  3. Seventy Sevens
The following are so far reproduced without permission. I expect to speak with VIA soon regarding these.

#1 : Ping Pong Over the Abyss

the 77's's are:
mike roe vocals/guitars
mark tootle keyboards/guitars/vocals
jan eric bass/guitars/background vocals
mark proctor drums/vocals

executive producer mary neely
produced by steven soles
production eengineer larry hirsch
assistant engineer daryl zachman
executive coordinator jan eric
recorded at exit / sacramento, CA. jan - apr, 1982
mixed at paramount studios / hollywood by larry hirsch
art mark swanson (cover design / title) nancy barnet (logo / cover design / layout) andy tipple (special consultant / layout)
photography tom goodeluinas & bob jacobs
special thanks don mckenney / rob carter / steve griffith
additional vocals steven soles (renaissance man)
additional vocals chris mcdonald / tom goodeluinas (a different kind of light)
additional percussion larry hirsch
demos and live remotes recorded by daryl zachman @ the warehouse/sacramento, ca 1980.
all rights reserved used by permission only international copyright reserved all songs © fools of the world, ltd. (ascap) except denomination blues © tonopah & tidewater music co. (bmi) and a different kind of light © wayang kuluit music administered by fools of the world, ltd. (ascap)

Notes on the notes

These vary somewhat from the original beyond things like the label & masterer. The main difference is that on the original album, Jan Eric is listed as Jan Eric Volz.

#2 : All Fall Down

the 77's's are:
michael rowe: vocal/guitar/mouth organ
mark tootle: keyboard/vocal/guitar
jan eric: bass/guitar/vocal
aaron smith: pounding & thrashing

also featuring:
bongo bob smith: ethnic & orchestral percussion
steve griffith: background vocal
charlie peacock: background vocal/keyboard/electronic percussion

produced by charlie peacock
recorded by daryl zachman
assistant engineer steve griffith
executive producer mary neely
executive coordinator jan eric
except #12 recorded and mixed by steve griffith
recorded at exit / sacramento may - june 1984
mixed at salty dog / van nuys by daryl zachman, patrick cyccone, david coe
art direction mark swanson
photography sam emerson (ront) dave howard (back)
special thanks don mckenney

all songs © fools of the world, ltd. (ascap)
except jesus © oakfield avenue music (bmi) and tattoo © lifesize music (bmi)

#3 : Seventy Sevens

Here, the first portion of the credits (with all the caps) and the blurb at the end about the type of recording & blunt needles comes from the album back; the rest are from the "slip cover". PRODUCED AND ENGINEERED BY ROBERT MUSSRO

MIKE ROE/Vocal, Guitar
MARK TOOTLE/Keyboard, Guitar, Support Vocal
JAN ERIC/Fender Bass, Support Vocal
AARON SMITH/Pounding & Thrashing

all songs © fools of the world, ltd. (ascap)
except MT © Bongolu Music (bmi)

also featuring
chris hillman: background vocal & fender bass on 11The Lust...'' long live the byrds (god bless you roger)
steve griffith: background vocal, keyboard
jim abegg: spanish guitar on ``i could laugh''
bongo bob smith: ethnic & orchestral percussion, hat hair
jon skinner: saxophone
sam ching: fender 6-string bass
the cleverly brothers: prepared piano
pete ``fast fingers'' sturge: drum sampling

executive producer: mary neely
recorded at exit/sacramento, ca. autumn 1986
assistant engineers @ exit: steve griffith & daryl zachman
mixed at: quadrasonic, new york, ny by robert mussro
assistant engineer @ quadrasonic: peter sturge
art direction & graphic design: marty gessler/sun graphics
photos: deborah wiley & linda pearson/eyezone photographics
``pearls before swine'' recorded live at the warehouse/sacramento, ca.
live remote recordings by steve griffith & daryl zachman
``i could laugh'' recorded by daryl zachman
pre production demos extraordinaire: steve griffith

special thanks to david leonhardt, dan mckenney, dan smith/fender usa, kathryn garcia, bob chevers, tim rudolph, napoleon prigione, lou maglia, joel webber, chris blackwell and all at island/ny, mary & louis neely and all at exit/ca.

the seventy sevens would like to thank steve griffith fpr his invaluable assistance and contributions to the production of this album. there are also those we didn't mention who we wish to thank. ``thank you all, your reward remains'' - the 77's

the 77's use fender guitars & amplifiers

This is a VIA ``New Orthophonic'' High Fidelity recording. It is distinguished by these characteristics:

  1. Complete frequency range.
  2. Ideal dynamic range plus clarity and brilliance.
  3. Constant fidelity from outside to inside of record.
  4. Improved quiet surfaces.
Beware the Blunted Needle! A blunted or chipped needle can permanently damage your most valuable records. A worn needle will impair the quality of sound reproductions you hear. Make sure your needle is in good condition before you play this record. If in doubt, have it checked by your dealer -- or buy a new needle.

``between us and heaven or hell there is only life, which is the frailest thing in the world.'' - pascal

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