Mark Heard's Supplemental Discography

Records Produced / Engineered by Mark Heard

Compiled by (Martin Stillion). Thanks to Martin and everyone who contributed.

Larry Norman Roll Away the Stone (and Listen to the Rock) [live album] Phydeaux Records 1980 rhythm guitar (some songs)
Marchstei (a/k/a Screaming Cheese Band) ? (2 albums) King's/ Palmfrond? early 80s? producer
Pat Terry Humanity Gangsters Myrrh MSB6698 1982 co-producer, co-engineer, co-mixer, photography, layout
Pat Terry Film at Eleven Myrrh MSB6748 1983 co-producer, engineer, mixer
Pat Terry The Silence Myrrh 7-01-679106-8 1984 co-producer, engineer, mixer
David Edwards Dreams, Tales & Lullabies Light/Lexicon LS-5867 1984 engineer, mixer
Randy Stonehill Celebrate This Heartbeat Myrrh 7-01-676506-7 1984 engineer
Randy Stonehill Return to Paradise Myrrh 701 6881 61X 1989 producer
Randy Stonehill Until We Have Wings Myrrh 7016906612 1990 producer
Altar Boys When You're a Rebel Broken 7-100-30284-6 1985 mixer (credited as Leroy Cahuenga)
Tonio K Romeo Unchained What? 7-01-684261-4 1986 co-engineer (one of several)
The Choir Chase the Kangaroo Myrrh 7-01-686961-X 1988 engineer (one of several)
The Choir Wide-Eyed Wonder Myrrh 7016885615 1989 mixer, producer of two songs, engineer of one song, BGVs on 3 songs, bass & autoharp on one song
Phil Keaggy Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child Myrrh 701687 6616 1988 co-engineer, wrote 2 songs, BGVs, keyboards & guitars (various songs)
Various Adventures in the Land of Big Beats and Happy Feets Myrrh 7016893618 1989 "re-mixes, edits and link music" (credited as Lee Cahuenga)
Garth Hewitt Lonesome Troubadour Myrrh (UK) MYR 1279 1991 producer
Tom Prasada-Rao Incoming Crossroads CRD1115901 1991 producer, engineer, mixer
Pierce Pettis Tinseltown High Street 72902 10311-2 1991 producer, engineer, mixer
Vigilantes of Love Killing Floor Fingerprint/Sky 7-5020-2 1992 co-producer
John Fischer Wide Angle Enclave Entertainment FL9750 1992 producer, engineer
Jacob's Trouble Let the Truth Run Wild Alarma FL9257 1992 producer, engineer, bgv on one song, mandolin on one song
Jason Harrod and Brian Funck Dreams of the Color Blind Heated Brick HF75425 1992 producer, engineer, mixer
John Austin The Embarrassing Young Glasshouse 7014701029 1992 producer, engineer, mixer
The Choir Kissers and Killers ? 1993 accordion on "Let the Sky Fall" (part recorded in 1991)
Julie Miller He Walks Through Walls ? ? BGVs (with Victoria Williams) on "Just Want You"
Rev. Dan Smith Just Keep Goin' On ? ? BGVs (with Victoria Williams) on "When Your Time Comes to Die"
Parmin Sisters? ? ? ? ?
Brooks Williams? ? ? ? ?

Covers by Other Artists

Artist Song Title
Phil Keaggy "I Always Do"/"Everything Is Alright" Sunday's Child
John Austin "Go Ask the Dead Man" Authorized Unauthorized Bootleg
Steve Archer "Eye of the Storm" Through His Eyes of Love
Jim Schmidt "Eye of the Storm" (title unknown -- Emerald Records)
Olivia Newton-John "Big and Strong" The Rumour
Joni Mitchell "Look Over Your Shoulder" ? (compilation)
Joan Baez ? ?
Rich Mullins "How to Grow Up Big and Strong" A Liturgy, a Legacy, a Ragamuffin Band
Kaiser & Mansfield "Threw It Away" Slow Burn
Leslie Phillips "Heart of Hearts" Beyond Saturday Night
Randy Stonehill "Strong Hand of Love" Return to Paradise
Pam Dwinell Miner "Look Over Your Shoulder" (with Randy Stonehill) Pam Dwinell Miner
Pierce Pettis "Nod Over Coffee" Chase the Buffalo
Julie Miller "Treasure of the Broken Land" Orphans and Angels

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