Top 5 reasons to Home School

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Date: Thu, 1 Sep 94 11:36:02 MDT
From: Vestrum <>
Subject: Talk Radio Humour
I find it interesting how home schooling has become accepted by mainstream society.

Just this morning I heard an AM DJ on a talk radio show here in Calgary, Canada making home school jokes on the first day of classes for the public school. Laugh with me as you read his top 5 list:

From the Terry Moore show on QR77 radio in Calgary, September 1, 1994, it's the top 5 advantages to being home schooled.

5. Get to watch TV during recess.
4. Get to wear jammies all day.
3. No banging chalk dust from erasers.
2. Teacher constantly interrupted by telemarketers.
And the number one advantage to being home schooled:
1. No toting heavy weaponry all the way to the public school.

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