Forget the Alamo?

Forget the Alamo
Wallace O. Chariton
Copyright 1989
Wordware Publishing
ISBN: 1556221347
(Out of print)
No, it's not an anti-Texas book; it's an alternate history by an historian, suggesting what might have happened had the Texans chosen to make their stand in a better location than the nearly indefensible Alamo.

Apparently historians have argued for years whether the Texans might have survived if they had only decided to hole up in Concepcion (2 miles away) instead of the Alamo. They would have needed between 600 and 1000 men to be certain of holding the Alamo against Santa Anna. (1) Instead they had 130 or so, and it's amazing they did as well as they did.

As fascinating as the battle itself is the speculation over what might have happened afterwards. For instance, there's a good chance Houston wouldn't have been President of the Republic of Texas. But the author just skims the post-war days. Alas!

He's not the world's best writer, but it was worth reading. I'd love for it to have been an historical novel... I'll bet it would make a great movie, too!

He (Wallace O. Chariton) did a good job with the characters; I learned a lot about Bowie, Crockett and Fannin, Travis and Santa Anna, and some about Houston. I also came to realize that the Texans made a *bunch* of stupid mistakes; the saving grace was that Santa Anna made more. We aren't talking a lot of seasoned soldiers, here.

  1. Anyone besides me ever wonder if the reason Santa Anna was so obnoxious was his name? Saint Anne, the original Boy Named Sue...

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