Round Rock Chapel Youth Camp 95

(June 26 - June 30)

Knowledge & Wisdom

[2] Personal testimony: one young teen walked by, and I saw as clearly as a blazing sun that she didn't really know God's love for her. I sought her out during prayer time and asked her. "Well, I know that He loves me." Do you really know it? Feel it inside? I mean, know it? The most wistful, heart-breaking shake of her head. Yes, she goes to Restoration, and knows some people there. Just started back after an absence, tho. I started praying, hard. Knew she needed both a touch directly from God, and some real, hardcore, lovin' from physical people. It was also quickly obvious I wasn't who she needed praying. It took a while, but I finally found someone who could get one of her counselors, who seemed to really take an interest. I later talked to her pastor (Mark, as above), who knew at once who she was, and said I was exactly right, and he would make sure it was followed up. The Lord showed me the same problem with one of our harder cases (but a tender guy for all that). We talked, and sho nuff, he'd never known or felt God's love at all. He'd prayed enough. "It just don't work for me." I prayed, and again it was obvious that wasn't my main part. I knew God had something for Manuel last night. I kept encouraging him not to give up (I also knew he needed to seek God, not just be prayed for). He said there was no point, but then went up. He finally got prayed for by one of the leaders (I think) briefly, and nothing happened.

So I got some of our kids (the Lord kept bringing us back to that) to pray for him. They prayed for a while, and you could see the struggle going on in Manuel on his face. I started waving others over, and some guy I didn't see any other time during the conference came over and started praying, and something suddenly happened to Manuel.

They all prayed a while, and this guy talked to him quietly, and told him stuff about his dad that had bugged Manuel for a long time, that nobody knew (gee, where have I heard this before), and prayed some more, and then disappeared back into the crowd. And Manuel was more moved than any of the leaders had ever seen him. Similar things happened to several other kids in the group. One kid who went to camp hating his mom humbly told me today that the Lord has showed him just how mean he had been to his mom (he has, too) and that he needs to change how he acts towards her.

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