Tiffany's Rough Year

Part 12

12 Jan 97 (7:15 PM):
The last couple of months have been really rough. The steroids have caused all sorts of complications, she's lost sight in one eye can only see out to a few inches from the other. She's vbeen in a wheel chair and not responding to much of anything, most days (but some days she's her normal self).

A week ago, Tiffany had a shunt put in to drain excess brain fluid into her stomach, alleviating the pressure in her head. Before that she had a week of massive antibiotic treatment for an E. Coli infection (which never really made sense - where did she get that?).

She's back in the hospital. The shunt allowed some fluid to drain that should not have (huh?), and got infected - it turns out that the infection was not E. Coli, and the treatment did not quash it, and whatever it is (I haven't heard) it's much worse than E. Coli. They took the shunt back out.

The CAT scans have been really bizarre, and the doctors think there are more tumors around the brain (but they aren't sure) and they think The Tumor has grown again.

She's had several seizures the last few weeks.

To top it off, there's a winter storm in the area and the roads are icing up, so the Halls may have to live at the hospital for a while.

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