Tiffany's Rough Year

Part 6a

Dennis wrote this the Saturday after they returned from youth camp; it was a personal letter via email and post to family and friends. It is posted here with his permission. Please do not redistribute this without explicit permission from Dennis or myself; instead, reference this URL.
Date: 15 Jun 96 12:04:05 EDT Dear Loved ones,

I want to give you an update on Tiffany and urgently request your prayers. After coming through the first 5 weeks of Radiation/partial chemotherapy with flying colors we were elated with her response. The final week began to manifest some conditions we are concerned about. She is seeing double and her eyes are having difficulty working together. She has been vomiting every morning for the last 3 weeks. She had had continuous bouts with headaches as well--some to the extent that Tylenol and Advil are not stopping the pain. As a result she is not sleeping and is becoming listless. These were all the symptoms that existed before and could be explained by the Radiation, by sinuitus, or a return of a tumor. I am not wanting to give place to the devil with negative confessions I'm just a concerned father observing these symptoms and wanting prayer covering around me. The doctors are concerned enough to have a go through an MRI 2 or 3 days earlier than planned and right now we are awaiting the results.

Pray with us (1) for the recovery of her health from all of these distressing symptoms conditions; (2) for God's grace to cover both Tiffany and us that we can respond to everything with victory; (3) that the spirit of fear be bound and that we can operate in total peace; and (4) that God's purpose in all of this be realized and fulfilled and that the enemy's strategy be thwarted.

Thank you for the calls, notes, etc. that let us know that you are praying. I only ask that you not stop! You don't know how many times when we thought we had about "lost it", a word of encouragement or a divinely-timed prayer contained the grace we needed to get past that hurdle. Again, I say "thank you!"

Gratefully yours,
Dennis Hall

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