Tiffany's Rough Year

Part 6

This is a true, semi-realtime, very scary, heart-rending tale of an 8 year old's battle with cancer, and God's miraculous response. The story is told primarily through a series of email updates to friends and others who are praying.
This is from a write-up I did about youth camp this year; you can also read something Dennis wrote the day after they got back from camp.
Date: Jun 19, 1996, around midnight CDT

Our pastors where there again this year, and had to
take Tiffany, their 8 year old daughter with brain tumors.
Between treatments (which they have stopped) and the
tumors returning after an operation, she was in a lot of
pain, extremely listless, hates to move.  But twice, after
prayer (once at camp by half the camp!) and once at church
right after we returned, she ended up dancing with the youth
(and some adults - yeehah!)  in the ``worship pit''.  God
had spoken that she would be the means of turning many of
His peoples' hearts towards revival (she has been) and that
she is healed.  Her family (the Halls) have been battling
a lot of things - fear, depression, etc, but are trusting
God to do what He has spoken.  Meanwhile, a lot of people
have gotten a lot more serious about seeking God because of
Tiffany's condition.
He has also spoken to several of us about this:

   We need faith to raise the dead.  What the
   physical-temporal ramifications of this for
   Tiffany are I don't know, but He has told
   several of us this is what we need.  According
   to the doctors, she's already just walking dead.

   This isn't an overnight thing - we have to be in
   it for the long haul.
The Lord made it clear those statements were for the long haul.

Tiffany slept very little during camp, and when she did sleep, she cried and moaned, so whichever of her parents was there that night got little or no sleep. The final morning of camp, Tiffany was in such pain that the Halls swapped out for a car (they had driven one of the big vanloads of kids up) and lit out for Austin while we were still packing up, to get Tiffany back to her doctor in Austin (we were in Oklahome City).

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