Tiffany's Rough Year

Part 4a

This was Dennis' first email after they finally began to feel caught up with their lives and understanding of both what was going on and what they were feeling (IMO). It is posted here with his permission. Please do not redistribute this without explicit permission from Dennis or myself; instead, reference this URL.

Date: 02 Apr 96 11:59:31 EST

Dear Friends,

I want to take time to thank you for the prayers and support for our daughter, Tiffany, and our whole family. We have literally been overwhelmed by calls, visits and prayers not only from friends and families, but from people and congregations all over the U.S. who have heard your pleas for prayer and have let us know they are joining us. In the words of Sally Field upon receiving her Oscar "You really like me!" That's always great to know! But more than that, I cannot think of a time when I have been so absolutely dependent on prayer alone to make it, and have felt so inadequate to express my heart longings. They are literally at times only groans and sighs (Rom.8:26).

We are doing okay -- at times! We are weary, as much from the emotional pressure as from the physical rigors of the past 4 weeks of non-stop tests, appointments and treatments. We are overwhelmed with the spiritual turmoil one faces in a situation as this. As we have been dealing with doctors and scientists over the issue of the brain tumor, we have become keenly aware of the faith systems everyone has and how that science and the human reasoning has become an idol to many. I literally saw in my spirit a 3 story image of a sculpted book with an engraved brain sitting on top of it. Legions of people were bowing before it. I realize how seductive it is for us as Christians to recognize the things God has revealed to man through the scientific method of observation (creation declares the glory of God) and I believe we are to benefit from it with thankfulness. But somewhere my spirit says "Stop, be careful what words you receive from them. Tiffany does not live by the words of the physical/natural realm alone, but by every word that proceeds from My mouth."

The struggle then becomes what God is saying about this situation that I am to stand on! Are my spiritual ears able to hear or am I too determined to have my own outcome that I can't and don't want to hear anything else? Aimee voiced a question that I have had to grapple with, "I'm all for a revival, but why does this have to happen to an 8 year old girl? And why Tiffany?" We are working through such things and we really do trust God. We are confident that He does all things well. We know that our character is more important than our comfort or convenience. We are willing to be at His disposal, whatever it takes, but it gets scarey at times and the enemy sure tries to exploit us in those moments.

We are really okay. We don't want or need explanations. We are processing what we already know and have taught to others. Thank you for letting us bend your ear. If you would, join us in prayer for Tiffy: that she would be protected during the radiation and chemotherapy (there are all kinds of horror stories mailed to us from well-meaning friends) -- no nausea, and we are asking for a miraculous sign that she would not lose her hair (our faith will not be shaken if this is not granted -- its just a desire of our heart); that the doctors would be just as amazed and God would be just as glorified in the treatments and their results as they were in the brain surgery recovery (miraculous); that Tiffany would be able live a full life, able to see her grandchildren; that we can get into some sort of normalcy and rhythm as a family (as well as me at the church); that not one iota of this trial be wasted, but would accomplish all that God desires to accomplish through it in us, the church and His kingdom (that the enemy's plan be turned against him and revival would literally break forth out of this); and that we will not lose the urgent intensity of prayer and faith for both healing and revival as the process lengthens;!

We love you and count ourselves very rich to have so many precious friends. Thank you for rejoicing with us, weeping with us, and standing with us! We will not forget it and we speak a return of your blessing in Jesus!

Dennis, Vicki and the whole Hall clan.

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