Tiffany's Rough Year

Part 3

This is a true, semi-realtime, very scary, heart-rending tale of an 8 year old's battle with cancer, and God's miraculous response. The story is told primarily through a series of email updates to friends and others who are praying.
Apparently I didn't save anything from this time frame. I guess I was sort of stressed, and sort of busy (changing jobs, wrapping up a project, etc, on top of all that was going on at church).

Tiffany was supposed to be in ICU for 5 days, and the hospital another week. Within 5 days, she was home, and Vicki caught her jumping on the trampoline within a day or so.

The doctors said that with radiation treatment & chemo, she might last 2 years, but without, maybe 1, and the tumor would definitely be back within a few months. After much prayer and agony, Dennis & Vicki let the doctors start treatments.

Don't judge them - they were looking at trading a short, miserable life of hair loss, vomiting, etc, for a barely shorter life. Of course they agonized!!!

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Last updated: 23 July 1996

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