Tiffany's Rough Year

Part 1

This is a true, semi-real-time, very scary, heart-rending tale of an 8 year old's battle with cancer, and God's miraculous responses. The story is told primarily through a series of email updates to friends and others who are praying.
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 14:51:23 -0600 (CST)

Our pastor's 8-yo daughter, Tiffany (Hall), has
been acting very sick lately - massive headaches,
vomiting, sleeping almost all day.  They *finally*
got a doctor to do some real tests (gotta love
them HMOs), which got someone's attention so that
they did a brain scan.  It looks like she has a
tumor.  They've taken her to Brackenridge for
more tests.

Tiffany is almost a second daughter to us.  When
her parents go on missions trips, she stays wth us.
So this one is close to home.  Obviously, the
whole Hall family can use prayer right now - but
especially Tiffany.

(Just to put the week this occured in perspective...
A close friend and her baby were killed by a drunk
driver, and her husband  was in a coma from the wreck,
and their other 2 kids were staying with someone, and
were sort of flipped out.  Another close friend at
church found out she had massive uterine cancer, and
needed a full hysterectomy.  Another friend was driving
home late at night from work, fell asleep, and was
killed, leaving a widow, two young sons, and a baby.
And someone in our care group, a multiple divorcee
with a really lousy family history, had her pregnant
19-yo daughter move back in from her (the daughter's)
abusive boyfriend's apartment, her (the mom's) abusive
ex-husband wooing her back by leaving gifts on the car
every morning, and her hours cut back at work, when she
was barely making ends meet.  Yes, all in the same week,
in one 200-member body.  And of course, Dennis and Vicki
were already dealing with all this when things hit with

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