Round Rock Chapel Youth Camp 95

(June 26 - June 30)


[1] Yeah, they could have all been faked. And so could the miracles of Jesus. There were healed sinuses and backs (how long, oh Lord, how long?) I was personally whomped in the crotch by a big bruiser's head when he was slain in the Spirit, and felt no pain - it was several seconds before it hit me what had hit me, and where, and just how the pain had not hit me - and I shouted for joy!

I also noted that despite carrying several ``drunks'' back to their dorm, I suffered no back pain from this - as opposed to just over-exerting myself, at which times my back faithfully reminded me of its past - ditto my mutilated shoulder.

One very specific prophecy was that God was healing a tumor in a lower back. Found out two days later that one of the soundmen's brother was supposed to be at camp, but had gone in for a biopsy on a just discovered tumor the first day of camp. Not only did the biopsy results turn out "huh?" the day after the prayer, but X-rays taken that day showed NO TUMOR, smack dab where the previous X-rays had shown one (which perfectly explained the kid's long term back pain). So God healed something both in the back & in the biopsy. The soundman's parents have the X-rays, and the kid's back feels better. Along with the other stuff, including healings of verified injuries which had happened at camp, it's just too much to write off (not that I want to!)

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