Sgt. Rock & I Attack a Truck

(Stupid Bike Tricks)

One summer when I was 8 or so, I was riding back home from a nearby 7-11 on my shiny, red Schwinn Once I got away from traffic on the quiet street I lived on, I couldn't stand waiting, and started reading the comic I had just bought.

While riding home.

People almost never parked their cars on the street; everyone had ample driveways and carports. Unfortunately someone was washing a car and had moved their pickup into the street. Keeping the curb in my peripheral vision, I knew I was doing fine, and just as some new kid in Sgt. Rock's troop everyone had been ragging on spotted an enemy in a tree, I ran Smack Dab into a bumper. Blam! Stop. Splat. The guy washing his car almost wet himself laughing.

I jumped on the bike and tore out for home, my face the color of my nice, red bicycle, to read my comic in the privacy of my bedroom.

Moral: Sgt. Rock is not on the side of the stupid.

Last updated: 20 August 2005

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