Dropping the Kids Off

(Stupid Bike Tricks)

When Esther & Josiah were young, I would often either circle the house or front yard on the bike, waving goodbye, or sometimes drive one or both of them around the yard. When each of them was about 2, I managaed to drop the Interceptor while carrying the current two year old, at 1 or 2 MPH in the yard when I hit wet leaves. Sharon would examine our child with a microscope; I could tell they were OK so I would be trying to get Sharon to help me stand the bike up (both times it fell top-side downhill). This caused a bit of tension at the time, but we got over it, and it doesn't seem to have scarred the kids... Or the bike. 8^)

Moral: Always put the child in an ejection seat.

Last updated: 20 August 2005

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