Obituary: Hi Ho Silver

>Newsgroups: talk.bizarre
>Subject: Requiem for a metal head
>Date: 4 Sep 90 15:09:07 GMT
>Organization: Roadkills-R-Us

We regret to announce that one of our better-billed
users died at the keyboard today. A Legion of The
Doomed member, known only as Hi Ho Silver, apparently
died of ecstacy after managing, on his first day
back on the net after a summer vacation in Barbados
catching mud for local wrestling teams, to followup
exactly one article by every poster in certain froups
on this bboard. This was accomplished in less than 13
minutes, and constitutes a new world record.

We're sorry for the incontinence.

Please accept our gregarious astrologies.

-Obits         obits@PUSVM.PSU.ED             obits@BIFF.NET

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