Obituary: Alice Chalmers

(Evans, GA - AP) Dead at 42, Alice Chalmers, well-known author of the book, The Coloured People Behind The Purple Diesel Engine, and movie of the same name. Ms. Chalmers died a violet death today when a Glow Plug on her designer hat fired, igniting her hair, which the coroner believes was saturated with Fro Sheen, a Black Hair Care, Inc. product based on diesel fuel. Ms. Chalmers will be buried on Friday in a custom violet-and-chrome spring-loaded-biker-chick-death-nostril (parts iz parts), in a quiet, private ceremony attended by a few family members, the GM Truck and Bus division, and the entire UAW. Ms. Chalmers is survived by her late husband, Tom, and her three daughters, Fannie Mae, Alice II, and Turbo 440.

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