Kobane - a Play in 1 Act


Me: Myself
He: Unnamed, for obvious reasons (but he looks a lot like Clint Eastwood)


Can be anywhere - a dimly lit room, a clandestine meeting off the beaten path in a park, in a car, any place not too public.
Me: ``You idiot! What happened?''
He: ``Huh? What's your problem?''
Me: ``I pay you 500 grand to waste the man and woman at the top, the people screwing up all our lives, and two people I could care less about die, and Bill and Hillary are still around, and you wanna know my problem???''
He: ``Look, you said you wanted the main man and woman offed, and I did.''
Me: ``What? Richard Nixon and Jackie Onassis???''
He: ``Sure. Those two have been running this country for the last 20 years, man. All this trash everyone's blamed the governments for - you name it - war, inflation, drugs, attack rabbits in the south Georgia swamps - it was all them. And now, they're gone.''
Me: ``And I'm broke. Was it really them? No jive? And who's in control now?''
He: ``Sure, it was them. But now that I got them out of the way, now it's Bill and Hillary runnin' things.''
Me: ``...'' (blank look)
He: ``I gotta be goin'. Anything else I can do for ya?''
Me: (disgustedly) "How much to just shoot me?''
He: ``Oh, this one's on me..." (reaches for concealed gun, or draws and aims)

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