The Munsters vs the Addams Family

W4F Grudge Rematch

This is the never-before released transcript of the World Wide Web Wrestling Foundation Grudge Rematch between the Munsters and the Addams Family.

Transcript Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 11:45 CST

Dawson, madly in lust with both Marilyn & Morticia, is too distracted to explain the rules properly. After botching them, he attempts to correct himself, but Gomez explains that a witnessed oral contract is legally binding. Dawson, sweating from both pressure and homones, starts to argue but Lurch's grumble (which destroys two TV cameras in the aftershock) hushes him. The game begins, with each pair of contestants answering both questions in a short time limit, and buzzers used only to startle Dawson out of his stupor when he stares too hard and loses himself in fantasy.

1) Name something you find in your closet.

Morticia: a rapidly-breeding nest of Pythagorean cobras
Lily: Grandpa, hanging from the clothes rod
Dawson: Round 1 to Morticia, since it is fairly close to the #1 audience answer - a nest of rapidly breeding clothes hangers.

2) Name something you eat for breakfast.

Fester: a heaping bowl of chocolate-covered fried spiders!
Grandpa: [staring at fester's neck] a quart of A negative!
Dawson: Round 2 to Fester, since his answer is close enough to the average breakfast cereal as makes no difference.
[The Munsters look nervous, but continue smiling. Gomez pulls a ticker tape from his pocket and frowns.]
Director: No smoking on the set! Put out that cigar!
Gomez: [surprised] Of course! I had no idea! [grinds out cigar on hand]

3) What is that you're eating?

Marilyn: a Mars bar
Wednesday: I'm not eating anything.
Dawson: Sorry - that wasn't a game question.
Gomez: Lurch?
Lurch: Uuuuuuhhhhnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh....
Morticia: Look out!
[set collapses. When dust clears, everyone bruised but OK.]
Dawson: OK, OK, it was a game question! What is that you're eating?
Marilyn: Nothing. I lost my candy bar in the earthquake.
Wednesday: [grabbing Marilyn's arm] A Girl Scout Cookie. [bites arm]
Marilyn: Aaaahhhhh!
Morticia: Wednesday, darling, no snacking between meals.
Wednesday: [primly] Yes, mother. [drops arm]
Marilyn: [plonk]
Dawson: [rushes to Marilyn's side, begins giving mouth to mouth while Eddie expertly bandages Marilyn's arm]
Herman: [slams Mil-spec buzzer button on loan from USAF] You stop that!
Dawson: [leaps backwards, hits head on remains of set, collapses]
[brief interlude while Director screams, "Is there a game show host in the house?" A slender, grinning blonde woman steps forward.]
Vanna: Round 3 to Marilyn, as most of audience skipped breakfast in the excitement of getting to be on TV.
[commercial break]
Vanna: Gomez may interpret for Cousin Itt in the next round.
Gomez: Thank you, my dear. [kisses hand]
Director: No smoking on the set! Put out that cigar!
Gomez: [surprised] Of course! I had no idea! [grinds out cigar on forehead]

4) What is your favorite vowel?

Eddie: F. I have a radio-controlled F-15 at home. Grandpa and I are building a life-size version next with real nuclear warhead-tipped missles!
Itt: [typical, lovable Itt sounds]
Gomez: That's amazing! Cousin Itt has one, too, and he and Puggsley are working on the same thing in one of our basements!
Vanna: I need a vowel.
Itt: [typical cute Itt noises]
Gomez: Are you sure?
Director: No smoking on the set! Put out that cigar!
Gomez: [surprised] Of course! I had no idea! [grinds out cigar in ear]
Itt: [typical cute Itt noises]
Gomez: That's astounding! His favorite letter is also F!
Vanna: Round 4 is a tie.
[Dawson wakes up, sees Marilyn and Morticia bending over him. Thinks he's died and gone to heaven. Grandpa walks over, looks thoughtful.]
Grandpa: He looks a little puffy. I think a little blood-letting is in order.
Morticia: That's just what he does need, dear.
[Morticia lifts an arm, Grandpa grins wolfishly, Marilyn pulls Girl Scout Machete out from under neck of sweater. Dawson faints again. Sounds of camera man retching, camera drifts off to point at ceiling.]
Vanna: Looks like the Munsters need a win to tie, and a loss gives the whole alphabet to the Addams Family.
[Herman nervously grabs nearest pieces of set, begins twisting them unconsciously, creating sawdust pile at feet.]

5) Describe your favorite fantasy.

Herman: A huh huh HUH HAH HAH HAH!!! [Blushes, begins twisting debris more furiously, as ceiling crumbles and camera wavers.]
Gomez: It's a perfect day. Stormy. Cold. A perfect beach - littered with fish parts, dead Portugese Men-o-War, World War II mines... [Hands move dramaticaly. Gomez begins pacing, smoking furiously.] It's Christmas eve. [Band begins playing.]

"Morti...cia roasting on an open fire...
Sharks ... are nibbling my toes...
War breaks the Falklands again..."

Director: Enough! And get rid of that cigar!
Gomez: [surprised] Of course! I had no idea! [tosses cigar away]
Herman: [turning a bizarre shade of reddish-green] I don't think I want to say. [sulks]
Vanna: Then the Addams Family wins.
Lily: Oh, go ahead, Herman.
Herman: Are you sure, dear?
Lily: Of course!
Herman: [beginning to glow like a pile of Uranium gone critical] Well, it involves Vanna and Morticia, and a huge vat of...
Lily: <gasp>
Herman: of... [entire set has been reduced to huge pile of sawdust now waist-high on Herman. whose hands flap helplessly like huge industrial shredders (or maybe penguin wings)] of... cannibals!
Vanna: Round 5 is awarded to Herman, as this exactly matches the responses of our mostly male audience. [Vanna White turns a deep shade of red, then flees, shrieking, with male audience chasing her, female audience evenly divided between angrily chasing the male audience and fighting Marilyn, Grandpa and Morticia for Richard Dawson.]
[Pat Sajak saunters on stage, grinning hugely. The glare of lights on his teeth sets various things on stage smouldering, including Gomez's discarded cigar.]
Pat: Well, we need a tie-breaker. Let's have Thing and Spot up here. We'll ask a question, and whoever has an answer first hits the buzzer. Ready?

!) Name the most common disease in your family.

[Thing hits the buzzer. The set is quiet. Thing frantically begins hopping up and down.]
Pat: We're waiting!
[Thing begins a pantomine.]
Gomez: Many syllables - first word - sounds like... Paleontology? Pterodactyl? Peritonital? Pepto-Bismol(tm)?
Pat: Sorry, time's up! Spot?
[Spot turns to a still dancing Thing, sneezes. Thing is enveloped in flame. Morticia screams. Seconds later, the flames die, and a skeletal hand appears, hopping around frantically. Meanwhile Gomez' cigar has started a fire in the sawdust at Herman's feet.]
Gomez: Pascagoola? Portulacca? Pismo Beach? ...
Herman: Aaaaahhhhh!!! [hops up and down,. scattering flaming sawdust. The studio shakes each time he lands.]
Pat: And the studio answer? Bad breath! Spot was right! The Munsters win!
[Lurch growls. Herman starts laughing hysterically, still hopping. The combination proves to be too much for poor, old San Andreas. California rumbles into the Pacific, never to be seen again. However, months later, divers off the new Arizona coast report strange, low-frequency, rumbling and laughing noises underwater.]

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