Who? What? Where?

Music & Lyrics by Miles O'Neal, 6/80

Silver tinkling darkness
   Rapture in the air
Moonbeam laughter sliding
   Down a skyway stair
Far off starts are shining
   Elves without a care
Loving Leaping Living
   Frathas in their hair

Colors of the rainbow
   Leaves drify gently down
Autumn's air arriving
   Cool with rustling sound
Curious and wond'ring
   Faces start to frown
Children gazing quietly
   Footprints on the ground

Where do the elves go
   When the sun comes out
Where do they go
   When people shout
Why do they hide
   When we find their glade
Death is a price
   They haven't paid

Icy crystals crawling
   Viscious through your vein
Welcome darkness calling
   Shouting out your name
Orange flashes falling
   Sky electric rain
Haze is fast descending
   Blotting out the pain

Evil demons laughing
   Softly in your head
Eyes unseen all staring
   Hiding in your bed
Eerie sounds all crying
   Someone else instead
Sparkle eyes are muted
   Nightmare brother wed

Where do you go
   When the Son shines in
Why do you revel
   In lonely sin
Why do you hide
   When offered love
The price has been paid
   Peace waits above

Last updated: 14 Jun 1994

Copyright 1980, 1994 Miles O'Neal, Austin, TX. All rights reserved.

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