Of Course I'll Still Love You

Music & Lyrics by Miles O'Neal, 7/87

Baby, you know that I love you
   and you know I want you, too.
And I know you say love me
   and I can tell you want me, too.
chorus :
But will you still love me tomorrow
   if I say that we should wait?
Will you still love me in the morning
   if I leave before it's too late?
We've always reveled in our freedom
   so let's not lock ourselves in chains.
Do we want one moment of ecstacy
   if we must live forever in pain?

As I'm sitting here beside you,
   and as the flames of passion rise,
as our temperatures are soaring,
   have we let smoke get in our eyes?
(repeat chorus)
If it feels right, why is it wrong?
   I've heard that old cliche before!
You say that soon we will be married;
   let's wait until we're through that door...

So whether you love me tomorrow,
   I guess we'll both just have to wait.
We ought to pray, but then I'm going.
   It may be early, but it's gettin' too late.
      It may be early, but it's nearly too late...

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