One Son Won

Music & Lyrics by Miles O'Neal, 7/7/87

Down thru the years
   and your slow parade of tears
as He draws aside the veil
   you wonder if you'll fail
there's nothing left to hide
   you beckon Him inside
now it's been done
   now you are one
      now you are won.

You crack the door
   He opens it more
so gentle and kind
   you find you don't mind
you've opened your heart
   the healing can start
you let Him in
   that's how you win
      that's how you win.

Can you manage not to stray
   you wonder if He'll stay
yet you know He is true
   what He says He will do
but how can it last
   forget about your past
just bask in the Son
   now you are one
      now you are won.

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Copyright 1987, 1994 Miles O'Neal, Austin, TX. All rights reserved.

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