Love Song # 1

Music & Lyrics by Miles O'Neal, 12/75

Eyes that see my future
   Eyes that know my past
Eyes that look into my soul
   And know what will and will not last
Eyes that sought me out when lonely
   And wept when I was cold
Warmed me with their inner fire
   Eyes whose gaze can make me bold

Lips that spoke me into being
   Lips that call me home
Lips whose tender, sweet caress
   Let me know I'm not alone
Lips that touched my still, cold corpse
   And breathed me back to life
Lips that kissed to seal the vow
   Eternally of man and wife

Hands that formed me from the Earth
   And threw my stony heart away
Hands that beckon me to my end
   Upon that Fierce and Holy Day
Hands of strength deliver me
   Yet, tender, hold me close
Hands that died, yet still they bleed
   And live to conquer all their foes

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Copyright 1975, 1994, 2010 Miles O'Neal, Austin, TX. All rights reserved.

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