Close Encounter (of the Only Kind that Matters)

Music & Lyrics by Miles O'Neal, 12/75


Two years - an eternity
I've been used by Society
Molded and shaped by others' hands
Stuck in a role to meat their demands

But I wandered off the trail somehow
Got to try another way now
Gonna follow a path I found
I'm on His trail and Homeward bound

Love lies bleeding in Elton's hands
Love is missing in many lands
But I've found a love that's calling me on
And as long as I follow it I'll be strong

Yes I wondered about my life til now
But I got on the right track today somehow
Gonna follow this path the LORD has laid
Coz I know if I do I've got it made


Two years seems an eternity
We made our own society
Molded and shaped it with our hands
Bent it to fill all our demands

But it never seemed quite right somehow
And I see the reason clearly now
That even when we attained our goals
We never satisfied our souls

Love bloomed a little in our hands
And a little spread to other lands
But never grew as we expected
Not like the towers of hope we erected

We wonder about our life even now
Hoping we find a way somehow
Wondering if maybe we should split
Or if we'll survive on the edge of this pit


One week seems an eternity
In which I reject Society
Molded and shaped by human hands
I refuse to honor its selfish demands

I wandered off your trail somehow
I wish I'd noticed it before now
Then I wouldn't feel the way I do
So hateful and detesting you

(America! Where are you know?
Don't you care about your sons and daughters?
America! We need you now!
We can't fight alone against the monster!)

The blood of our brothers was on our hands
And more's daily spilled throughout the lands
But the blood of the Lamb washed their blood off of me
The blood of the Lamb has set me free

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