Jillion $ Babies

Music & Lyrics by Miles O'Neal, 1/28/88

You know, I love to help them out...
They get so happy; they scream and shout!
I loves to set those people free;
Can't have no burdens on Society.

Darla drowned in salt-water;
   she should have learned to surf.
Peter got himself cut up;
   must not have been his turf.
Janie got an overdose;
   I hope she felt no pain.
It's worth it all, despite the cost,
   cause there's so much to gain.

Million Dollar Babies!
Billion Dollar Babies!
Got to pay for my Mercedes;
   got to pay for my Benz;
got to pay for my great big house;
   can you tell me where it ends?

Parts is parts and lately I've
   been seeing them in my dreams...
Disembodied, gaping mouths,
   but I can't hear them scream.
Floating eyeballs, some are sad,
   and some stare furiously;
Tiny hands are cleanched in terror,
   or fear, or pointing at me!

Everybody's doing it;
   the courts say it's alright.
I'm a Doctor! I'm a Helper!
   I'm a Shining, White Knight!
Lately it's been easier
   to get to sleep (I think...)
As long as each and every night
   I have a little more to drink.

Billion Dollar Babies!
Trillion Dollar Babies!
Got to pay for my therapist's
   brand new Mercedes-Benz;
Got some kids of my own to raise...
   Can you tell me where it ends?
      Please, tell me where it ends!
         Tell me!!

Last updated: 14 Jun 1994

Copyright 1988, 1994 Miles O'Neal, Austin, TX. All rights reserved.

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