Only In America (and Everywhere Else)

Music & Lyrics by Miles O'Neal, 7/87

Where Black is White
   and Both are Gray,
We kiss the Night
   and call it Day.

Where Up is Down
   and Good is Bad,
and Men and Women
   have Both been HAD!

Where Left and Right
   are just the Same.
We mourn the Dead
   and shoot our Lame.

Only in America,
   Land of Opportunity!
Only in Amerika
   where They say
      we're all born free...

Where Love's undone
   but Sex is Fine.
If someone cares,
   they've lost their mind!

Where Death's for Children,
   Guns grow on trees,
and Life is just
   a commode-ity.

When ears are deaf
   and eyes are blind,
Where roses stink,
   words turn to whine.

Only in Amerikkka
   or anywhere else.
We've made our desires
   into our Hells!

Last updated: 14 Jun 1994

Copyright 1987, 1994 Miles O'Neal, Austin, TX. All rights reserved.

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