Frantic Fred's Travel Tips: the UK

by Miles O'Neal, Jetlag, Ltd.

On the return flight from my first UK trip, I was extremely tired. I wrote out in longhand what turned out to be a rather hysterical review of the UK. Five pages - and I write small.

It was one of those inspired things, where you just write as fast as you can, and the pen in your hand has a direct channel to some temporarily available, bizarrely juxtaposed axion/ganglion connections. I finished. The portal to that part of my brain vanished.

Upon rereading it, it was better than I had realized. I loaned it to my coworker who shall remain nameless) several aisles away on the other side of the jumbo jet, who found it hysterical, and had to share it with her seatmate to explain why she was laughing so hard. Her seatmate loved it, too.

Leaving the airport, I asked for it back. Dead silence. Finally, ever so quietly and timidly, "it's on the plane".

Almost anything you leave on a plane gets turned in to lost and found.

Except loose papers.

Last updated: 12 Oct 1994

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