Ohio At a Glance

by Miles O'Neal, Jetlag, Ltd.

I once spent a couple of days in Cinncinnati, which I thought was a very nice city. My only other exposure was to people from Cleveland and Akron (perhaps all the chemicals from the rubber plants explain their behavior), and Andy.

At any rate, Andy has lived in Ohio for years.

Ohio at a Glance

Capital:                          Cleveland?  Akron?  Mt Vernon?
Size:                             small-medium
Population:                       About the same
Heartland of the U.S. of A.:      yes
Nickname:                         The Burning River State
Major Industries:                 pumpkins, wheat, weirdos, burnt water,
                                  air pollution
Incredibly Minor Industries:      music
Educational Ranking:              mid pack

Ohio (the Burning River State)

by Andy Whitman

(I couldn't have said it anywhere near as good - Miles)

Someone said... "Well back in the brief time I lived in Ohio, I remember the rivers catching on fire if that gives you a hint..."

That's our big claim to fame.

And what do people remember? The river catching on fire.

There's more, of course.

Much more. You would think that those kinds of attractions might warrant some attention -- maybe a national park near the shrine, or four stars in the AAA book, or something. But noooooo.

We're the state where the river catches fire.

But I know the truth. This is a state of infinite variety -- So enough of this one-dimensional stereotyping.

Ohio -- it's more than a (burning) river.

Last updated: 12 Oct 1994

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