Frantic Fred's Travel Tips: France

by Miles O'Neal, Jetlag, Ltd.

France, or just Paris?

This is mostly about Paris and the surrounding area.

Parts Is Parts

  • Preface (How This Came to Be & Why It's What It Is)
  • Abstract (What It Is)
  • Language & Culture
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Sofitel
  • Food
  • It's in the Cards
  • Sights
  • Work
  • Leaving France

  • Preface

    This was originally written immediately upon return from my first trip to France in February, 1992 (as a contractor to IBM, who was contracting me to Bull). Prior to this I had been out of the USA twice - once to Juarez, Mexico, which doesn't count, and once to the UK, where at least they speak a somewhat similar language. We stayed two weeks, which is really the minimum stay - we were just really getting acclimated.

    My wife was able to go on the next trip in September, 1993, (for three weeks) which is slowly being integrated. Hers is another view altogether - look for it soon.

    All prices appear to be current as of 11 October 1994.


    There are a number of issues the first-time traveler to France should be aware of. These are the things which stand out to me.

    The one thing you have to remember is, "Never ask why". If you could understand why the French do things the way they do, you would be French already. Since God (or Darwin, for you atheists) didn't see fit to create you French, it is impossible to get there from here. Trying will only make your brain implode.

    France - it's not just an adventure; it's another planet.

    Thanks to Tex ``Glen'' Chalemin for review and suggestions.

    Paris images were all taken from the Paris web pages. Well worth a visit itself.

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