California At a Glance

by Miles O'Neal, Jetlag, Ltd.

I have traveled moderately in California - enough to have a pretty good idea about a few small parts of it and speculate wildly about the rest of it.

California at a Glance

Capital:                           Fremont?  Lost Angeles?  San XXX?
Size:                              large for a state, small for a country
Population:                        About the same
Home of last communists on planet: Yes
Nickname:                          The Far Out, Groovy State
Major Industries:                  crystals, drugs, annoying tourists, unions,
                                   weird laws, fruits and nuts
Incredibly Minor Industries:       entertainment, avocados
Educational Ranking:               A solid B on a scale of 3 to 7

California (the Hipper Than Thou State)

Last updated: 16 July 1997

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