Mook's Taste Tests

Mook (Kevin Miller) has been doing comparison tests on different vendors' versions of the major tubes guitar players care about, and publishing the results in alt.guitar.amps . While these are available via the major web search engines, there hasn't been one place to easily find them. I asked if I could put them up here, and he gave his permission.

A Few Caveats

Mook agrees that a blind test, with someone else swapping the tubes, would be even better, but there's not always someone available, and he tried to be objective in this subjective realm.

Also, tubes vary in quality and sound even from the same manufacturer! That's why people like GrooveTubes test and grade their tubes. (I use them merely as a familiar example, not by way of endorsement.)

Objective Subjectivity

Sound quality in a guitar amp is very subjective. Mook is known and respected in the newsgroup but there's no guarantee your tastes will agree with his.

Regarding slightly differing results by another teser elsewhere on the web, Mook said:

``Funny how the amp circuit make a difference. He seemed to love the GEs and was so-so on the EIs. I was the other way around.

``With each amp, the user needs to do his own comparison. For instance, even though the EI works GREAT in my Carmen Ghia, my Prescription (another Dr. Z amp) likes the JJ Tesla better.''

The Tests

Thanks to Kevin Miller aka "Mook" for doing the testing and sharing the results with us in alt.guitar.amps .

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