Univox 1040 105 watt lead combo

A Twin Reverb Clone That Weighs More!

This was the heaviest guitar amp I've personally touched.

I bought this used for $125 in 1978 at Music Mart in Smyrna, GA at their annual warehouse clearance sale. They had two, and this one sounded better in the store. At home, I cranked it up, and it promptly blew up. I hauled it down to Clark Music, where Bobby pointed out that it had really cheesy speakers (about 15 watts apiece) in place of whatever had been in it originally. He sold me a pair of Fender Twin speakers at a good price (Bobby was way too good to me!), and it worked great after that.

The amp was gray with darker gray trim. It had funky teardrop shaped knobs. It had two "ports" above the speakers. You can get an idea of the controls and the overall look and feel from the U1011 head shown here.

The reverb was decent, and the tone controls did a good job. It broke up reasonably early, but with a Big Muff Pi and a Cry Baby in front, I thought I was Jimi Hendrix. I don't recall much about the presence or tremolo. With a little work, it would probably have sounded as good as any Fender Twin. This was a loud amp. The clean sound was great, and the overdriven sound was wonderful.

I remember just sitting in the dark, watching the tubes glow for inspiration. And I remember having to carry the stupid thing. 88 pounds! At least it fit through the hatch of the Chevette. Barely.

I eventually sold it for something ludicrous like $75, to pay for a newer, used Lab L5 - a much lighter 2x12 combo!

Vital Statistics

Model: U1040

Serial number: unknown

Year manufactured: ~1971


I think this had a speaker impedance switch on it (2/4/8 ohms).


Images from Tim Patton's Univox pages (see "Links" section above).

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