Ye Olde PA Amp

(And a Big, Loose Speaker)

I got this a long time ago when a friend decided he didn't want it. It sat in the basement and garage for years. We just hauled it out and checked it; it works fine for about 15 seconds, then this mongo resisitor in the power supply starts to smoke and hiss. I'll eventually rebuild it into a guitar amp.


This has octal sockets for plug-in input transformers . Mine has one transformer, and jumpers in the other two sockets.

There's another RCA phono jack on the chassis, inside the cage, labeled "PHONO". Strange, since it's not really accessable...

Vital Statistics

Manufacturer: David Bogen

Model: J 330 (Series H-26)

Serial number: ???

Year manufactured: ???





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Last updated: 26 January 2001

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