Corporate Culture

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A lot of people and critters have dedicated their lives to making this one of the best places to work. This is just a flavor (sic) of what working at Roadkills-R-Us is like.

Our culture is inextracably linked with the event directly responsible for our existance. RRU was originally started to provide sustenance and a college fund to the survivors of that great disaster.

Corporate History

Slowly but surely, as the BATF, CIA, FBI and NSA files on RRU are declassified, we are making them public. Peruse them at your own risk.

A Day in the Life

Excerpts of a couple of average daze in the life of our beloved President are also available.

Corporate Benefits

Roadkills-R-Us is a top-notch, equal opportunity employer, and is indiscriminate in hiring. If you can wield a shovel and a lawn bag, you can work for us. The U.S. government requires you to have a Social Security Card to work, and our print shop will supply one if needed. We accept Green Cards.

Our benefits are at least the equal of those given by the US military: long hours, low pay, hard work, we may treat you like dirt, and you have a good chance of getting shot at.

Send resumes, questions, samples, or whatever to:
World Headquarters
Rte 1 Box 558
Leander, TX
attn: Michelle Debinhex

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Miles O'Neal