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Don't read this if you don't want to know the truth about Roadkills-R-Us and its inventor. Someone asked me the question during the Great Toys-R-Us[tm] Massacree, and I decided to share the answer with anyone who doesn't get the joke. You still might not get it, but at least will know the truth.
What exactly is Roadkill R us? This is my first time surfing the net, and I was just wondering if this is someone's idea of very very sick behaviour, or if it's just a weird sense of humour? Please respond.
It's the latter. I have never intentionally hit an animal, and the times I have been unable to avoid a live animal, I have tried to stop and check on it. (Except the rat.)

To date, I have only killed one possum and one rat, so far as I know, by vehicle. Neither death was lamented (I don't care for either) but neither was intentional.

A baby deer ran in front of me - I stopped hard and barely grazed it; it leapt a 3 foot fence and ran away. I, on the other hand nearly became roadkill on a motorcycle; I did survive, but my collarbone and knee occasionally remind me of the encounter.

If you check my home page, under my response to one of our dogs dying, or when my friend Mark Heard died, you'll find that I hate death. RRU is just one of my ways of mocking it. Weird, yeah - but that's me.

Thanks for asking instead of judging!

Last updated: 25 October 2001
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