Miles O'Neal, deceased

Miles O'Neal, born ?, died 1988-2001.

This (63k) is the last known photo of the Founder and President of Roadkills-R-Us shortly before being decaffeinated [1] for the last time in the RRU parking lot. Various vignettes of his life are available, as is his final obituary.

His life and hobbies

Dr. O'Neal is the most degreed roadkill expert around:

Bachelor of Roadkill (1984, Atlanta Loop University)
Master of Roadkill (1989, Georgia Institute of Roadkill Technology)
Doctor of Roadkill (1992, University of Texas Roadkill, Austin)

[1] Unfortunately, the clone banks had been repossessed due to a payment which was three hours late. Not that it mattered, as the night janitor, an Aggie PhD, had been emptying toxic waste into them for months, thinking they were hazardous waste containers [2].

[2] Which, given their contents, was fairly close to the mark.

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