Link to Me, Baby!

Linking to RRU is easy. It's also dangerous. But if corporate giraffes don;t give you nightmares, and you aren't afraid of the Thought Police and the Humor-Impaired, go for it.

Basic Text Link

First, you can always just add a text link. This will never make it past your marketing department, but then again, neither will linking to anything at RRU, in most cases. But if you're crazy enough to try, just add the following where you want the link:
	Visit <A HREF="">Roadkills-R-Us</A>
	for your Minimum Daily Requirement of Bloat!
Feel free to substitute words of your own.

New! Deproved! Graphic!

If your corporate web weasel (or your own deranged mind) insists upon a graphical link, first download or save this graphic:
	[Click me!]
You may also use any other graphic from the RRU web site for this purpose, without explicitly requesting permission. Those we think are especially useful include:

[plain] [lettered] [culture] [home, sweet home [payment] [president] [what's new] [no giraffes!] [our flag]

Next, insert this HTML where you want the graphic to appear, substituting your path to the image, and substituting verbiage as necessary:

	<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="/Images/rru-link.gif"
        ALT="[Click me!]" BORDER=0 WIDTH=98 HEIGHT=36>
	RRU - Recycling as far up the foodchain as possible!</A>
Whatever you do, run it by your legal department first if you're a paranoid corporate type. That way, when you're sued, you can honestly repeat the teenager's motto:
	``It's not my fault!''

Last updated: 25 October 2001
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