RRU Corporate


Miles O'Neal


Founder, Chief Executed Officer and (as a result) Most Cloned Officer.
Email: meo@rru.com

Suzi Styrofoam

VP of Legal Stuff

Chief Torts Officer
Email: suzi@rru.com

Michelle Debinhex

Executive Vice-President

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operations Officer, sometimes acting President
Email: debinhex@rru.com

Michael Debinhex


Chief Legal Officer, Private Defective, Eagle Scout, Homolgated Medical Officer
Email: md@rru.com

Gladys Gloria Glasshead

Manager in Charge

Chief Middle-level-management Officer
Email: ggg@rru.com


RRU maintains an opulent, austere, tastefully revolting coprorate headquarters on the land inside a major rural interchange where several interstate highways meet, assuring lots of fresh roadkill close at hand. Today, the corporate HQ and main plant have taken over 17 acres of federal land underneath the road system. The exact location is a closely held secret in this closely held corporation, for rather obvious reasons.
Last updated: 25 October 2001

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