RRU Contributors, Sponsors, Moral Support, Etc

These are the people who have made suggestions, found bugs (in the pages, not roadkill insects), provided moral support, let me know RRU made the news, etc.

Many people have contributed over time, and if I've forgotten you, please remind me - the me that knew about that probably died, and just being out of the clone banks, I didn't know. I apologize in advance for such perfidy.

The Roadkill Stuff

3D images provided by Stefan Gagne of Spatula City fame.
Cynthia Beckett <cynthia.Beckett@Ebay.Sun.COM>
Art Crego <arcrego@earthlink.net>
karl critz, supreme dictator roadkill buffet <dmark@mit.edu>
Greg Everett <grett@nat.1stnet.com>
Derek Gamlyn <djg2@axe.humboldt.edu> [a name of the daze winner]
Katina Guerra <katina@us.itmasters.com> [forwarded AP article]
Carolyn Jensen <sound@iac.net>
Marc Johnson <Designty@cris.com> [contributed a poem]
Lou Kendrick <lkendric@eagle1.eaglenet.com> [V3Lib site spotter]
Eugene Koontz <ekoontz@cedar.buffalo.edu>
Susan Liebeskind <shl@cc.gatech.edu> [for more than I could possibly list]
Michael Lopez <mlopez@leland.stanford.edu> [a name of the daze winner]
John McEndy <mcendy@blm-and-v.com> [V3Lib site spotter]
Hugh McNichol <mcnicholh@STATE.MI.US>
Staff Sergeant Bill O'Neal, US Army &Bonealwf@ix.netcom> [forwarded AP article]
PeriSoft <ew23@cornell.edu>
Jenn Sheridan <JGSHERID@ARTSU1.Watstar.UWaterloo.CA> [V3Lib site spotter]
Jon & Jen Schober <jon@schober.com>, <jen@schober.com> [for standing by me, help & love]

My wife (Sharon) and children (Esther and Josiah), for cartoons, jokes, and general thumbing their noses at corporate silliness.

AND of course, all the people who wrote in with support, entered the contest, etc. You're all wonderful!

Last updated: 25 October 2001
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