If you missed the Green Chile Festival...

Fool! Don't Do That!

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See below for times of the runs (sic).
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Last updated: 25 October 2001

[The Power of Green Chiles!]

What are you waiting for??!!?? Get thee to Chuys!


Official Roadkills-R-Us Chuys Runs

A semi-random group of us goes every WEDNESDAY, usually leaving about 11:11. Contact Miles for rides, head count, etc. Occasionally we go other days, in which case we will let everyone know. If we say we will leave by 11:11, be where we said to meet by 11:11 (whenever), or we will leave you unless you make other arrangements. If we get there after 11:29, we have to wait for a table - often for quite a while. After 13:00 it's easier, but most people prefer to go early rather than "late". Feel free to make a counter-offer.

During the Green Chile Festival, someone goes almost every day. Including Miles.

If you reserve the table, do it under the name, ``Roadkill''.

Why Wednesday?

The people who originally couldn't go Wednesday either no longer go (wimps) or left the pond (scum) or moved to another city (fools). In the interrim, another entire class of people has been excluded because of previous Thursday (and Tuesday, our alternate day) commitments. Fridays are too busy, and some people hate Mondays. Most of us prefer to not work weekends, so that leaves Wednesday.


Is it hot?

Remember, it has to pass 4 tests to be considered hot:
  • burns going in
  • clears out your sinuses
  • makes your forehead sweat
  • burns going out
  • Chuys food is usually hot. Especially during the Green Chile Festival! P.S. The green chile fajita stew is hot. Ask Jan or Tracy.


    Dos and Don'ts.

    Do this.

    Try a cherry root beer, or even a lemon cherry root beer. One of the Chuys waitsmrtz came up with this, and it sounds weird, but a number of Roadkill patrons have fallen heavily for this drink. Ask Mary Alice. Try it!

    Don't do this!

    If you get any of the green chile sauces, and you get a root beer (cherry or otherwise), do not drink more than 1 root beer with your meal. Unless you are stopped up. If you get my drift.


    Sponsored by the Roadkills-R-Us / Austin HiTech Community Chuys Gang.

    Why is this page this color?
    Chuys lets you choose your sauce, we let you choose your page color!