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We've been on the net far longer than some people - we were and are #29 on ``Whats Hot & Whats Cool''

[Hotsite] On 15 Oct, 1997, we were elected a Starting Point Hot Site!

Roadkills-TWBARHBTRUTTS-Us has received an Oddie from SpinnWebe.

The Few.
The Proud.
The Odd.

That's us.

Premiere Site!

We got a mention in Ziff Davis's 6/17/96 issue of PC Computing. Go buy this now! Send them fan letters!

We got a mention in Ziff Davis's 2/2/96 issue of ComputerLife. We always liked ZD; now we like them even more. (Thanks to Art Crego for the heads-up!)

Lycos selected one of Miles's true stories for their San Jose Lycos City Guide!

LinkMonster Best Submission Award Wonder of the Web LinkMonster's Best! We got a LinkMonster Best Submission Award on April 2, 1997. The same day, the New World Odor pages showed up on the O'Reilly & Associates front page, where it stayed for weeks.
And on Sept 26, 1997, P & M's Late Night Links declared the New World Odor a Wonder of the Web .
Suite 101 Best of Web Logo On Jun 15, 1997, we were selected as a ``Best of Web for the Just4Fun page of Suite 101'' page.

Pugzine On Jul 23, 1998 1997, Pugzine decided we were among the ``Best of the Bizarre''!

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