We were informed today that the pound/number sign symbol ('#') was in danger of becomng ``public domain''. We immediately took steps to remedy this. We have recently retained all the lawyers who helped IBM trademark ``/2'' (which Intel, trying to avoid infringement, misinterpreted as divide by 2 or right shift, resulting in a recent Pentium problem) to trademark, copyright, patent, and hold in trade secret the above-mentioned pound sign.

This is crucial to Roadkills-R-Us, as we use this symbol in our rate tables, to indicate roadkill types in our ASCII-based games, and a veritable plethora of other applications. Had we not done this, we would not be able to keep up with Microsoft, Apple, IBM, AT&T and Unisys in the intellectual property rights arena, or in the reaming the average person arena.

We have, however, decided to allow continued usage for free of the various computer codes which indicate the pound sign, such as hex 23, octal 41, binary 00100011, and so forth. (A complete listing is available for a modest charge.)

Current users will not be impacted, and future users will only be minimally affected. We believe the modest tax of $.01/day/use based the peak usage over the peak one year period of usage of a given user's life to date, or at any time in the future, is reasonable and nonintrusive. For most users, this works out to slightly less than the cost of their electricity and phone bills.

Just to be safe, we have instructed our legal counsel to similarly protect the words ``pound'', ``number'', and ``sign'', as well as all permutations and combinations thereof, along with all derivative works (such as the set of real numbers). Watch for further details on our web server at http://www.rru.com/ .

Michelle Debinhex
Press Attache Case
``/2'' is a trademark of IBM.
``#'' is a trademark of RRU. Patent Applied For. Copyright 1995, RRU, Austin, TX. All rights reserved. All information herein is considered to be a trade secret of RRU. By reading this file, you agree to all terms herein and elsewhere, disclosed or undisclosed.

Last updated: 25 October 2001

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